Poonsap Tulaphan

He is a professor from the Department of Political and Governmental Sciences who is known as a friendly and humanist person. Known as Pak Purwo’s nickname, his contribution as an academic to the scientific world is extraordinary. Getting a doctorate at the University of London by attending a doctor by research program is Purwo’s preference for students to be able to argue followed by a knowledge base. For him, scholarship standards can be seen from the competence of arguing, judgment with common sense, and wisdom possessed. Purwo is now given the mandate to lead the Nahdlatul Ulama University. To the Alumni News, he explained, “There is no good leader who applies singularly, a good leader depends on the context he leads.” Purwo added, good leadership will be consistent with the traditions and situations being led. “Leadership can manifest to me as diverse and leadership does not have to have a body. If there is a body, the way it works does not have to be governed by bureaucratic logic,” he concluded.

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